A Halloween nightmare like you've never experienced! Giving new meaning to the words EVIL CLOWNS, The Carnival of Fear will take you down a path from which you may NEVER return! A labyrinth of twists, turns and dead ends, leading to the very depths of your inner most fears! Lurking above, emerging from beneath, the clowns will come...There's no escaping, FOR THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!

Blood curdling screams
and nervous laughter
assault your senses as you
journey through dark terrifying hallways and
dead ends. The feel of cold chain link may be
your only guide to salvation... Until you come
face to face with our diabolical clowns and
murderous mimes, servants of evil from the
depths of your worst nightmare...!!

Only in the

There are clowns to the left and clowns to the right, clowns that bark and clowns that bite in the CARNIVAL OF FEAR! The Carnival of Fear is included in the Grand Slam Combo.