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When it comes to haunted attractions in PA, the NEW Jason's Woods explodes with the wildest, bone-chilling, nerve shattering haunted hayrides and horror shows ANYWHERE! An extraordinary combination of live actors, excellent animation, dazzling special effects and sound design promises an exciting roller coaster ride of chills, thrills, laughs, and excitement - beyond expectations!!!

NO ONE Does Halloween Like Jason's Woods!
Haunted Attractions Like You Have Never Seen Before!!!

The Horrifying Hayride is an outstanding combination of ALL NEW, UNIQUE characters as well as those unforgettable nightmares from you childhood! Presented in extraordinary scenes, combing excellent animation, un-paralleled actors and cutting edge sound design! REDESIGNED and jam packed with nerve shattering scenes!!

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CHAMBER OF HORRORS! A terrifying attraction designed to maximize scares and create nightmares the CHAMBER Of HORRORS is the culmination of over 30 years of proven Haunted Attraction design.

The Nightmare of THEM ALL!!!

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Imagine a place where human are no longer the hunters, but have become the hunted...

Enter the Zombie Apocalypse!

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- A Walking Tour -
Ever wonder what it might be like to be standing within the dark, dense paths of Jason's Woods... Alone?

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The Carnival of Fear will take you down a path from which you may NEVER return! A labyrinth of twists, turns and dead ends, leading to the very depths of your inner most fears...
did we mention clowns?

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People from all over the east coast including PA, MD, NJ, and DEL are flocking to Jason’s Woods to experience haunted attractions, haunted hayrides and haunted houses like they have never experienced before. This is one evening you simply will never forget!!!