Immerse yourself in a horror from which there is no escape! Helpless victims will experience
thrill and chills as they hay wagon is thrusted side to side from the forces of uncontrollable explosions and sheer power of savage, blood-thirsting creatures! Witness the hair-raising sensation of millions of volts of electricity surging through the wagon! This NEVER BEFORE SEEN, integrated motion technology of our interactive wagons will absolutely push your hayride experience to entirely new levels of fun and excitement, leaving you BREATHLESS!!!...ONLY AT JASON'S WOODS!
Once again Jason's Woods redefines Halloween!

You are completely out of your element and are constantly in peril... As you try to escape the jungle of twisted, unforgiving metal on our horrifying haunted hayride, you will be hunted by a family of degenerate junkyard scavengers who seek out parts, any parts, to eke out survival in the unhallowed forest of Jason's Woods. The most fearsome of these completely and utterly remorseless creatures lead the family to new levels of savagery... For instance an innocent, crowded school bus provides near limitless raw materials...

Crossing the threshold of terror once again, the Horrifying Hayride features the return of the Legendary Nightmares torn from your childhood! Presented in unforgettable scenes, these fresh takes on your "old friends" will leave you literally breathless. None of your tried and true tactics will save you from an unforgettable encounter within our Haunted Attraction that has Legends returning, bigger and more ferocious then ever!

Come face to face with the reanimation of dead tissue and technology combined in bizarre and dangerous experiments. The strange results of these failures lurk in every corner of the woods in search of warm bodies and new specimens for both sustenance and their own twisted amusement. Surely the Doctor can control his creations?

Summoned forth by the screams and cries of decades of horror the Legends return! With claws, machetes, chainsaws, tentacles, razor sharp teeth and indescribable malice at the ready, the diabolical menagerie of remorseless hunters and inhuman predators from beyond space and time seek only your undiluted fear and torment. Maybe you will be the one who becomes EXTINCT! Or at least dinner...

The Horrifying Haunted Hayride is included in ALL combos.
Relax in the hay... if you dare!!