What is the press saying about Jason's Woods?

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By Apurdum, ExploreLancaster.com

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My Night as a Killer Clown

By John Chambless, Staff Writer Chester County Press

In the glow of the lingering sunset, Jason's Woods isn't looking too scary. There are white food trailers parked on the grass-covered hillside, and several large buildings and tents are standing empty. But over at the garage near the barn, some sinister things are happening...
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**Rated #1 by the Philadelphia Inquirer in Pennsylvania!

**Rated #1 by The News Journal in Delaware!

"What has earned Jason's Woods the wonderful horrific reputation that it has is its horror...plain and simple! If you want scared...this is the place to get it!"

Kathleen Daminger - Lancaster New Era

"The horror has begun, and it's more real than the movies that used to leave you clinging to your seat!"

Cindy Buonaiuto - TV Host Weekly

"The Barn (of Terror) Rocks! I was terrified! Jason's Woods (3D Carnival of Fear) had more variety, with aliens and sasquatch flanking the killer clowns. The best part was the polka dot room, lit with blacklights and painted with fluorescent polka dots. I almost peed my pants! The staff kept things running smoothly all night."

Danielle Reed - Mode Magazine

"The very blankness heightens the senses! The uncertainty plays games with the mind!"

Jeff Hawkes - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

"Cower in terror as the wagon leads you through the Jason's Woods horrifying hayride, where evil lurks behind every twist and turn! State of the Art special effects and sound surround you!"

Fly Magazine

"Jason's Woods is a Halloween extravaganza, which will leave you laughing, screaming, crying and laughing again! It is an elaborate production with lots of special effects!"

Kavita Varma - The News Journal

"My heart is pounding so hard, that I think that others must hear it! I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs...and loved it!

Lisa Wiseman - Daily Record

"The 3D Carnival of Fear was more than neon lights, affecting a three dimensional appearance for the paintings on the walls, and actors blending into scenery lurched out from nowhere!! And, in the barn.....we all turned into babies!"

Lloylita Prout - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"It's realistic! It's exciting, and it's fun!!!

Mary Klaus - The Patriot News

"No shortage of fright in the area for this eerie Halloween season!"

Kathryn Stahl - The York Sunday News

"The scenes and props are done on a GRAND scale! All ages are ensured a full evening of quality entertainment!"

David Stewart - Haunted Attraction Magazine

"Creatively built models and BRILLIANT pyrotechs!!"

Justin Shroyer - Snapper Newspaper, Millersville University


Jason' Woods teams up with Ronald McDonald House Charities